The heart of my work is critical thinking through introspection, instilled by an earlier pursuit of comparative religion. Now more than ever the world is curated to what we want to see, making it exceptionally easy to pass through life with our beliefs unchallenged. Only through a deep look inward can we navigate the intoxicating split world we have today. History reveals our desire to look at life through a dualistic lens; good and evil, right and wrong, one political party or another, us and them. To get the viewer to understand how they have been placed into unchallenging ideologies by veiled forces I immerse them in the flawed nature of dualism.

My pieces contain contradicting ideas and imagery, creating an unsettling experience for the viewer who must eventually arrive at the idea that they are looking at something new rather than two individual charged arguments. I embrace the grey and reject the push to choose or be one or the other. My work is strongest when exhibiting both sacred and profane, technology and tradition, crudeness and formality.

I exhibit this dual nature behavior in ceramics, another polarized medium: malleable until fired, hard and imperishable, yet brittle and natural. My process embraces the digital and the analog: drawing in photoshop, printing decals, computerized paper cut stencils, but then incorporate a sense of touch by handbuilding with clay, sgraffito, painting, and so on. These two worlds of making could stand on their own but by going back and forth it enriches both the process and the end result.